An R package for metacommunity simulations

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An R package for metacommunity simulations and functions to calculate biodiversity metrics

MCSim is a package for R that can be used to design lottery-based simulations of metacommunities, which can be used to test assumptions about how metacommunity dynamics influence emergent biodiversity patterns. See my paper in Ecological Modelling (link), which uses MCSim v0.3. In v0.4.2, users can make use of igraph to design network topology and seed simulations with observed data. Most recently, v0.4.9 provides users control over temporal variability in the landscape as well as some new plotting functions. v0.5.0 provides plotting functions and an intro vignette (“MCSim-intro”). Please find the current version under development at


Please feel free to email me with questions, suggestions, etc.

Eric R. Sokol

How to install MCSim

# Install without vignette(s)

# Install with vignette(s)
remotes::install_github("sokole/MCSim", build_vignettes = TRUE)